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Do not let recent changes in flood insurance law make the premiums on your home or business unaffordable! Contact Kelsurveys Inc, the most professional flood surveyors in Orange County, CA, and see if your property can be removed from expensive flood zones. I am a fully licensed land & flood surveyor, and I can remove your structure from flood zones all across the greater Southern California region.

Due to changes made by the “Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012,” many property owners in Southern California have seen previously affordable premiums skyrocket in cost. This cost increase reflects the ability of providers to adjust rates to reflect full flood risk, leaving the homeowner or business owner liable for the increasing cost of their premium.

Often, there are times when a property is listed in a flood zone, even though the physical measurements meet or even exceed the limits imposed by Fema and their guidelines. If this is the case with your property, would you not want to know about this and save money over the life of your mortgage?

I only advise clients to attempt to remove their property from a flood zone through a “Letter of Map Amendment” in cases which favorable measurements are found. In other words, there is very little financial risk in contacting Kelsurveys Inc and getting a consultation. Only when these favorable conditions are measured do we proceed to discussing contractual and monetary terms. There is no sense in paying more on premiums for the life of your mortgage when you do not need to; take advantage of three decades of surveying experience and contact Kelsurveys Inc today.

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